Illustrating the Unseen

Steve Braund


meditating figure


My practice interests are all situated in the area of authorial illustration whose set of ‘home discourses’ produce the most meaningful reflections on the work . In my presentation I described a contradiction in my practice between the notion of celebrating and encouraging human imagination (usually through narrative and sequence), against the inherent danger of the imagination in the sense of deepening our sense of delusion (the problems humans have created on the planet). The practice has adopted drawing, painting, animation and contemporary dance in exploring ways of expressing these ideas, and related academic papers have been written on themes such as slowing down time and on meta-fictional narratives.

consciousness 1

Traditional Yogic and Buddhist texts apply three principles Anicca, Anatta and Dukkha: (impermanence, non-self and suffering), to indicate the fundamental state of ignorance we live in. Arising from this is the idea of ‘relative reality’ and ‘ultimate reality’ giving rise to the paradox of living, and giving rise to the much used word ‘duality’. My personal practice in one way or another presents this paradox. Viewing the world through these principles reveals life as fundamentally paradoxical, and this explains a certain quality of ironic humour that runs through the work. But, ultimately the work is a call to awaken from this sleep of ignorance (avijja).




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